Vita Fans are Very Upset with that Final Fantasy Type-0 Typo

The announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 being officially localized in English came with a mix of fanfare and disgruntled, confused fans. Featured above, you can see the fan translation for the game, which literally released this week.

The original press release that we received only specified that the game was coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and yet the Playstation Blog post that went up curiously mentioned  the game for PlayStation Vita—the platform most fans (and Sony’s own Shahid Kamal) were campaigning for.

Fans got angry when the same PlayStation Blog post was updated to say that nope, the game is not coming to Vita after all. This was after Shahid also chimed in, praising the news, confirming the Vita port to be real. Naturally, a multitude of fans jumped onto his case after the correction, although it’s clear that the decision making is outside of his jurisdiction. He apologized:

“Whoops, I jumped the gun. Blog post now updated. You can kick me now. (But we will keep on pushing for it and I know you will too)”

But we still haven’t heard the reasoning behind why the Vita version, the natural platform for an HD port of Final Fantasy Type-0, is nowhere to be found. It also makes zero sense why the Vita version wasn’t a shoe-in, when the original was on the PlayStation Portable. Many fans want the game to be on a handheld, and they feel wronged by Sony and Square Enix.

They’ve even taken to creating petitions, but we all know how much those tend to mean to big corporations with regard to greenlighting something on a floundering platform. In any case, as a Vita owner and someone who always hoped Type-0 would get localized on the Vita, I think an explanation is in order—at the very least.

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