Visions of Mana details story, characters, more alongside new trailer

Square Enix shared a new trailer for Visions of Mana alongside new information and content details on the long-awaited RPG sequel.

The new information shows off the new RPG sequel, its story, characters, and most importantly – confirms it’s being co-developed by NetEase Games and its subsidiary Ouka Studios.

Here’s a rundown on the new information, characters, and more – plus a trailer:


In Tianeea, the Fire Village, everyone is preparing to celebrate the coming of the Faerie and the naming of an “alm.” Every four years, alms from around the world are chosen to travel to the Tree of Mana and rejuvenate the flow of mana power. A soul guard is also chosen to ensure the alms’ safe pilgrimage. Val is one such guard.

On the day of the Faerie’s arrival, Val brings his childhood friend to the festival. As the sun falls beneath the skyline, all the spectators wait with bated breath, hoping to be chosen as an alm. The Faerie finally descends before Val’s friend, appointing her the Alm of Fire.

The villagers bid them both farewell, praying for their success as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.


Val – “It’s only natural to help your loved ones.”

A native of Tianeea, the village of fire. The main character of the game, the guardian of the soul who has the role of protecting the child. He has a curious and friendly personality. He is chosen by the Alm of Fire, which causes him to travel all over the world. He is proud that he was appointed as the guardian of the soul as the representative of the village.

Hinna – “Please go to the Mana Tree, my Guardian!”

A native of Tianeea, the village of fire. A childhood friend of Val, she is chosen to be the Alm of Fire. She is truly happy to be able to travel with Val, the guardian of her soul.

Careena – “My dream is to see the world with my own eyes.”

A native of Longren, the Valley of the Wind. She lost one of her wings due to an accident. She has a strong interest in the world outside of her village, and longed to travel all over the place as a child. She is friends with Ramcoh, a child of the Sacred Beast, and is like his sister.

Ramcoh (pictured with Careena)

Child of the sacred beast. He has been living in Longren ever since he helped Careena, who was injured in an accident.

Morley – “What does it mean to carve out the future, and am I qualified to do so?”

Morley is from Etaern, the city of the moon. He is deeply traumatized by an incident that happened in his hometown when he was young. After meeting Val and his friends, he comes face to face with his past.

Elemental Vessels

A mysterious tool imbued with the power of the elements. During exploration and battle, you can borrow the power of mana through each elemental vessel.

Exploration: Elemental gimmicks

By utilizing the power of the elemental vessel, you can activate various gimmicks on the field. With the power of spirits, you can manipulate wind, rocks, and even time to find the path you need to take and find items. Even if you thought you had already explored the field, you might make an unexpected discovery by revisiting the field after obtaining a new elemental vessel…?

Battle: Changing Classes

By equipping a elemental vessel, a character can imbue the character with the power of the spirit and change their “class”, which is called a “class change”. By changing your class, your status and the weapons you can equip will change, and you will be able to use special abilities and special skills. There are a wide variety of abilities and special skills that can be acquired depending on the class, such as techniques that block enemy movement and techniques that provide continuous recovery effects to allies. Understanding and utilizing each class’s individuality is the key to gaining an advantage in battle.

Elemental vessel: Exploration and Gimmicks

A mysterious tool imbued with the power of spirits. The following is an example of a gimmick that can be operated using a elemental vessel. Explore every corner of the vast field by using the elemental vessel.

Wind Vessel device: Jin Boomerang

An elemental vessel imbued with the power of the wind spirit “Jin'”, which exerts effects related to gales. When exploring, you can ride the updraft and make a big jump to cross the valley where the suspension bridge fell, or you can create a foothold by floating rocks on a road that at first glance appears to be a dead end.

Moon Vessel device: Luna Sphere

An elemental vessel imbued with the power of the moon spirit “Luna”, which exerts effects related to time. During your exploration, you may be able to open a path by slowing down the speed of ice floes flowing in a river so that you can cross safely, or by switching the time around you between past and present.

Elemental Vessels: Changing Classes

By equipping a spirit vessel, you can imbue your body with the power of a spirit and change your character’s “class.” Even with the same elemental vessel, each character’s “class” has a slightly different personality, so find a strategy that suits you from various combinations.

Wind Vessel device: Jin Boomerang

It is an elemental vessel imbued with the power of the wind spirit “Jin”, and exerts effects related to gale-force winds. In battle, by throwing it at an enemy, you can release the power of the wind and restrain the enemy you touch for a certain period of time. The wind restraints will burst open when attacked, scattering wind blades around you.

Moon Vessel device: Luna Sphere

An elemental vessel imbued with the power of the moon spirit “Luna”, which exerts effects related to time. In battle, you can create an area that collects the power of the moon and slow down the movement of enemies that touch the area. When you or your allies touch the area, the time required to cast magic etc. will be shortened.

A reliable companion who will help you on your adventure: Pikuls

Introducing a new friend, Pikul, who will help make your journey on land more comfortable! It can be called by using a beckon bell. In addition to being able to move quickly on a vast field, you can also scatter enemies while moving. Travel all over the land with Pikul.

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

Visions of Mana is set to launch sometime in summer 2024 for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

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