Video Game Network G4 Announces 2021 Return

Once defunct technology and video gaming station G4 has announced its return in some form, during Comic-Con@Home.

Details are scant at this time, with only a teaser trailer and the simple message “We never stopped playing.” An official Twitter account is also live.

In today’s culture of streaming services, we can only speculate if it will even be a traditional network like it once was; or if it will be a solely online service.

You can find the teaser video below.

G4TV was a television station that replaced TechTV; after G4 Media acquired controlling interest of the technology station TechTV. In 2004, TechTV was replaced with G4techTV, and finally simplified to just G4 in 2005.

G4’s lineup included original shows including tech news programs, and variety shows like Attack of the Show!, gameplay reviews in X-Play, and even dabbled with original animated content like the pixelated series Code Monkeys. The theme song of the latter was performed by artist Jonathan Coulton, who would later produce the credits songs for Portal and Portal 2.

The network also began American Ninja Warrior, after the growing popularity of their translated broadcasts of the Japanese gameshow Sasuke. The popularity of the show led to it being continued by the larger network NBC, despite G4’s closure.

Eventually, G4 was consolidated by Comcast with other pop culture networks, and was eventually dropped by DirecTV. After being dropped by DirecTV the network experienced lower ratings and was eventually closed in 2014.

The Twitter accounts for Attack of the Show! and X-Play mirrored G4’s announcement. This would imply that both of these shows will be returning with the new G4.

G4 was also originally hosted by Adam Sessler and Olivia Munn. It is unknown for certain if Munn might return to the show, after launching a Hollywood career after G4’s closure.

What do you think this revived G4 will be like? What will it need to do to compete with YouTubers and games journalists of the modern day? Sound off in the comments below!

G4 will return in some form starting next year in 2021.

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