Victoria 3 Announced for PC and Xbox Game Pass for PC

Victoria 3

Paradox Interactive have announced highly demanded 19th century grand strategy game Victoria 3. 

As the prior entry in the series launched in 2010, the idea of a sequel had become a pipe-dream and joke among fans. Now, Paradox Interactive have answered the call for what they admit is “one of the most anticipated games in Paradox’s history.”

Command you nation as population groups needs and desires affect and are affected by your policies. Do you welcome new ideas, or stick to tradition? How much will you invest into the promise of new technologies? How will you manage your economy, and secure the materials needed and goods to sell?

As your empire grows, other nations may grow to respect you. Though threats, military might, and bluffing may be needed to avoid outright war.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

Victoria 3 is coming soon to Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (all via Steam); and will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Paradox Development Studio invites you to build your ideal society in the tumult of the exciting and transformative 19th century. Balance the competing interests in your society and earn your place in the sun in Victoria 3, one of the most anticipated games in Paradox’s history.

    Lead dozens of world nations from 1836-1936. Agrarian or Industrial, Traditional or Radical, Peaceful or Expansionist… the choice is yours.
  • Detailed population groups with their own economic needs and political desires.
  • Reform your government and constitution to take advantage of new social innovations, or preserve the stability of your nation by holding fast to tradition in the face of revolutionaries.
  • Research transformative new technology or ideas to improve your national situation.


  • Expand your industry to take advantage of lucrative goods, taxing the profits to improve national prosperity.
  • Import cheap raw materials to cover your basic needs while finding new markets for your finished goods.
  • Secure vital goods to fuel your advanced economy and control the fate of empires.
  • Balance employing available labor force with the needs for new types of workers.


  • Use your diplomatic wiles to weave a tangled global web of pacts, relations, alliances, and rivalries to secure your diplomatic position on the world stage.
  • Employ threats, military prowess and bluffs to persuade enemies to back down in conflicts.
  • Increase your economic and military strength at the expense of rivals.
  • Accumulate prestige and the respect of your rivals as you build an industrial giant at home or an empire abroad.
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