80’s narco thriller Vice NDRCVR announced for PC


Publisher Skybound Games and developer Ancient Machine Studios announced Vice NDRCVR, a new 1980’s narco thriller.

Vice NDRCVR is coming to Windows PC (via Steam) and will have players step into the shoes of an undercover agent in drug-filled 1980s Miami. A release date wasn’t confirmed at this time.

Here’s a new trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:


In an alternate 1980’s Miami the early inception of world wide web allowed criminal empires, for the first time in history, operate globally, in real-time, and remain open 24hrs a day. The internet connected the world, but the dark web made crime widespread and virtually undetectable. This is the golden age of the drug trade.

The cartels use anonymous Computer Operators, working from cartel’s legitimate office buildings, to manage their business: transfer money, collect information, bribe government officials, hire muscle, set up hits, and broker new deals.

As a cop, you will go undercover as one of those operators. You don’t have much time to learn all you can about the cartel’s operations, interfere with their plans, and put an end to their reign of terror from within.


  • WELCOME TO THE NEON-LIT 1980’s MIAMI – Vice NDRCVR is steeped in the unique 1980’s Miami atmosphere, from the cutscenes, news reports to the instantly catchy soundtrack.
  • FEEL THE DANGER IN AN INTERACTIVE NARCO THRILLER – The cartels are everywhere, and with their use of the internet they are stronger, and deadlier, than ever. As an undercover operative you are in constant danger and every day you must walk the line between a cop and a criminal. In this world of drugs and money you can’t trust anyone.
  • EXPLORE AN ICONIC 80’s COMPUTER SYSTEM – The Amigo OS is your window into the complex and hidden world of the cartels. With everything a 1980’s operating system needs (and the Calypso mp3 to keep you company) and much more. Hear the cracking of the floppy disk and go back in time!
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