Game Boy Color-style adventure game Veritus launches this month


Indie developer Colorgrave has announced a release date for Veritus, their Game Boy Color-style retro adventure RPG.

Veritus is launching for Windows PC (via Steam) on July 22nd, for $6.99. The game is a direct sequel to Colorgrave’s previous retro adventure game, Prodigal, which is on PC (via Steam).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Veritus is a colorful adventure with the pixel-perfect aesthetic of a Game Boy Color title. Journey into the dark chambers of the god of shadows, Veritus, and uncover the secrets hidden within his castle.

Face monsters and mysteries lurking around every corner as you collect resources and equipment to survive. Prepare to leave camp, navigate the castle’s lonely halls, and reveal the secrets dwelling within the throne room.

Key Features

  • Explore the castle: Discover the mysteries of the god of shadows. Navigate the treacherous corridors and chambers of Veritus’ forgotten castle and find key fragments to unlock secrets within the throne room.
  • Puzzles & Combat: Overcome numerous dangers lurking in every corner of the castle’s hallowed walls. Use the weapons and tools at your disposal to defeat monsters and decipher puzzles that hinder your quest.
  • REGROUP: Set up camps in safe havens deep within the castle. Prepare for each adventure by equipping a variety of weapons and tools, going on expeditions with companions, and resting after each encounter.



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