Van Helsing 3 Reveals Remaining Two Classes

It was only a few weeks ago that Van Helsing developer Neocore Games revealed the first two character classes in the upcoming 3rd and final chapter of their vampire-hunting Diablo-esque action RPG. This week, they reveal the other two character classes, the Elementalist and the Protector.

    The Elementalist can unleash terribly damaging forces from a distance, although his lack of defenses leaves him vulnerable in melee combat. Fortunately, he can wipe away monsters with a flick of a hand or send in moving pillars of frost to discourage the enemy from trying to get too close.

    The polar opposite of the Elementalist, the Protector is a close-range armored specialist. He deals heavy physical damage and provides bonuses for his companions. With his vast array of abilities he can charge right into the middle of the battle, knocking down his enemies or jump right in from a distance to begin the fight.

According to Neocore Games’ developer’s blog, the game is due to hit sometime this May.

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  1. Fenrir007
    April 29, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    The shit they pulled on Van Helsing 2 by locking a certain achievement to pre-orders only (and making it impossible to get it at 100% unless you pre-ordered it) left a terrible taste in my mouth. I dont even like achievements, but this is just all kinds of scummy, and completely against the very idea of achievements.