Deckbuilding dungeon game Vambrace: Dungeon Monarch announced

Vambrace: Dungeon Monarch

Indie developer Dvora studio has announced Vambrace: Dungeon Monarch, a new deckbuilding dungeon action game.

Vambrace: Dungeon Monarch is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) with a release set for later in 2024.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Youngho has finally escaped the terrifying mirror dimension called “The Coma” and is back at school, enjoying his life. But…?


The game is a unique combination of Deck-Building and Dungeon Defense, with a wide variety of military units and combinations, strategies and magic manifested in cards. Make your dungeon more dangerous by defending it against increasingly powerful enemies.


You are the Monarch of this dungeon, a regent of the god, and you have been entrusted with the management of this dungeon with his armor, sword of light, and strange power of the Vambrace that he left behind. Rally your troops with your brilliant leadership and clever strategy, and gain the respect of the gods’ counselors, who have their doubts about you.


Archon hunters from around the world invade the god’s lair to seek his golden throne, taking advantage of the master’s lapses in power. But this dungeon has a new leader: the Monarch, the god’s regent. But is this new one worthy of his position and power?


The cards represent Monarch’s abilities and various situations in the dungeon, and they can be used to wreak havoc on enemies and empower allies.

Since you are limited in the number of cards you can carry, you should consider the most efficient and useful card combinations possible. The more powerful cards take the more energy to use, and weaker cards have the advantage of being able to be used multiple times.


  • Unique combination of deckbuilding and defense.
  • Various card combination tactics and unit placement
  • Seeking effective defense through effective building placement and unit selection.
  • Unique demonic characters and art style.
  • Upgrade your units to fight against world heroes.
  • Strengthen your units through the synergy system.
  • Random sudden events and rich replay content.


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