Valve Releases New Survey Suggesting Chinese Now Most Popular Language for Steam

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Valve has released their latest hardware and software survey for Steam users, revealing Chinese has become the most-used language on the massive platform.

Every month, Valve releases these surveys that are comprised of data they pull from Steam users, which now total over 90 million active users every month. Simplified Chinese now totals 37.87 percent of active Steam users, an increase of 14.43 percent from the previous month.

English, which has been the dominant language on the platform since it was launched years ago, has typically averaged 30 to 40 percent of active users. The survey notes English users dropped 6.40 percent down to 30.43 percent of all users. Below that you have Russian at 9.36 percent, and Spanish at 3.59 percent.

As with any of these surveys or polls, this is not a definitive answer that Chinese is now the dominant language on Steam. Previous hardware and software surveys released by Valve have been called into question, and Valve has even had to update their survey methodology to fix errors that went on for months.

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