Valve says don’t expect games made only for Steam Deck

don't expect games made only for Steam Deck

Now that Valve’s handheld is out, rounds of interviews confirmed tidbits on the device – like Valve saying don’t expect games made only for Steam Deck.

While Nintendo’s Switch handheld features motion-sensitive, detachable controllers known as Joy-Cons, Valve’s Steam Deck is one unit and is generally considered a handheld PC.

Steam Deck engineer Pierre-Loup Griffais and designer Jake Rodkin both said as such, don’t expect games made only for Steam Deck – because it’s just a handheld PC and has no exclusive features you’d find elsewhere.

“I don’t think so,” Griffais said to RPS. “I think we hope that developers keep Steam Deck in mind when thinking about what the startup experience will be, when you load a game on Steam on the Deck versus on a PC.”

He added, “But the best thing about the Steam Deck, I think, is that it can play your Steam library. And it’s like a new window through which you can see Steam, more so than it’s a unique platform.”

It’s worth noting this interview went live ahead of Valve surprising everyone with Aperture Desk Job, a free “playable short” that is literally designed to show off the Steam Deck hardware. The game is playable on  a regular PC with a controller – but it’s definitely meant to be played on Steam Deck.

“If we expect that people do any work, it’ll be work that just makes their game better on Steam as a whole,” Rodkin said. “And not just for Steam Deck: things like controller support or accessibility on smaller screens, or lower specced PCs. But it should be a thing that increases the depth adaptability of their game and let it be played in a lot more different spots as well.”

Valve’s recently launched Steam Deck is now available, and in three flavors: $399 (64GB), $529 (256GB), and $649 (512GB), over on the Steam store.

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