Valve Bringing Tech to GDC: SteamVR, Steam Controller, and “Living Room Devices”

valve steam controller machines gdc 2015-02-25

Apart from the Open Source Virtual Reality initiative and Sony’s Project Morpheus, Valve will also be bringing a newly announced SteamVR hardware system to the Game Developers Conference next week. Not only that, but the company will be showcasing new Steam devices, including the finished model of the Steam controller and living room devices. The company will also be discussing its SteamOS.

It’s not clear at which market the VR tech will be aimed—no plans have been announced yet for a consumer release, and Valve have previously stated that their VR devices are for internal use and research purposes only.

Developers or publishers who are interested in experiencing SteamVR can contact Valve here. The technology has an official Twitter account, too.

It’s notable that Valve specifically did not state that they would be revealing new Steam Machines. The Steam controller was first announced in September, 2013, but has been delayed by Valve as they’ve rethought and iterated its design. (You can see it in action here.) The last time the company discussed either of these products was in May last year.

We’ll have more Valve news when GDC happens.

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