Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Removed from German and Australian Steam to “Comply With Local Legislation”

We’ve learned that Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni has been removed from the German and Australian Steam stores.

The game where you have women sexually excite each other so they transform into literal weapons has been removed so the local digital storefronts can “comply with local legislation.” These regions are notorious for draconian laws regarding material that could be viewed as obscene or adult.

The games were available in both regions for PC for roughly two months before they were removed.

Publisher and developer Marvelous have put out a statement regarding the situation:

As of today, 10th August 2017, VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI-, VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- Complete Edition and the VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- Complete DLC Pack are no longer available for purchase on Steam in Australia and Germany.

VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- was removed for sale in these countries in accordance with local legislation.

This announcement does not affect any other country and VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- will continue to be available to purchase on Steam in other countries.

Those who currently own VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- on Steam in Australia and Germany will still be able to play the game from their Steam library.

We are currently investigating the possibilities to make VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- available again in these countries.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we will provide updates when possible.

This hasn’t affected other European regions, nor the North American Steam listing.

We’ll keep you guys posted regarding the status of the game on both storefronts.



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