V Rising – How To Take Care Of Your Horses

V Rising Horse

Horses are a massive commodity in V Rising, and can be found as soon as the player stars moving towards the Dunley Farmlands.

Horses can be hijacked from farms, and have three different stats, which can vary at random.

The player can take a horse to their base after stealing one from a farm, but must remember that they can’t be neglected.

The first step towards taking proper care of your horse is to build a Water Well, which will provide you with a clean water source right at your base.

In a slight development oversight, the horses don’t actually drink from the well. The player has to craft Empty Waterskins and fill them by using them near the well or any other body of water.

Your average horse has about 6 hours left to live without water, but by crafting 150 Empty Waterskins and filling them with water, the player can expand their lifetime into well over a month, and of course these waterskins can be crafted again to keep your horse going for a long time.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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