V Rising – How to repair your gear

V Rising How to Repair Gear

Picked a fight you couldn’t win? It happens, and here’s how you can recover afterwards.

Dying in V Rising has consequences. Not only will you drop most of your items on the ground, but your gear will also take some damage.

If your gear has started to show above your skill/item bars, then that means it’s in need for some repairs.

Repairing your gear in V Rising doesn’t require any crafting station or workbench, as it can be done whenever the player desires, as long as they have the materials.

Repairing your gear can be done by pressing tab, which brings up the equipment menu, and pressing the middle mouse button on whatever piece of gear is broken.

It’s worth noting that your gear can break down fully, and there are different indicators for it. Yellow means it’s about to break, while orange means it’s not giving the player any stats anymore, and will soon break for good.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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