V Rising – How to make Dark Silver Ingots

V Rising Dark Silver Ingots

Dark silver ingots are an integral part of building the dark silver weapons in V Rising, but just how are you meant to acquire them?

There’s a long to-do list that players have to complete before being able to move on towards acquiring dark silver ingots, and the first step is to explore the Cursed Forest area of the game’s map.

The cursed forest houses ghost crystals, as well as scourgestone, both materials that are needed to create spectral dust.

To be able to refine these materials, players need to defeat the V Blood target Foulrot the Soultaker, who will unlock the grinder recipe for spectral dust.

The next step is to move on to the Silverlight Hills area, located west of the Dunley Farmlands. The Silverlight Hills area houses the sacred silver mine, which is an absolute chore to deal with.

Not only does the mine constantly deal holy radiation to players, but it also happens to be locked, and requires you to sneak around the back to enter. On top of that, carrying silver ore also happens to damage you, so make sure you have enough healing to carry your haul out.

Having collected iron ore and the recipe for spectral dust, players now need to defeat the V Blood target Cyril the Cursed Smith, who unlocks the anvil crafting station, as well as the recipe for smelting dark silver ingots.

Thankfully, no study or athenaeum recipes are needed to unlock the dark silver weapons, as they are all available as soon as you manage to build your study.

Dark silver ingots take quite a bit of time to smelt, so it’s recommended that you place your smelter in a closed room with a matching floor, to increase its production speed.

Acquiring the dark silver weapons can be quite a bit of trouble, especially when it comes to mining the silver from the sacred silver mine, but the weapons are essential to progressing towards the next tier of bosses in V Rising‘s third act.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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