V Rising – How to get Crude Amethyst

V Rising Crude Amethyst

One of the first roadblocks that players will encounter in V Rising’s main quest is building a Stone Coffin, which requires Crude Amethysts.

The simplest and earliest way to get Crude Amethysts, as well as any other Crude Gems, is to mine Crude Ore Veins in the Farbane Woods area of the map.

You’ll know you reached a Crude Ore vein by their spiky appearance, with gems of all colors jutting out.

Crude Ore veins only have one type of gem in them at a time, despite their appearance, and usually drop 2 of said gem.

Acquiring Crude Amethysts is simply a process of going through every Crude Ore vein you can find, hoping that it’s the one who will drop what gem you need.

Armed with that knowledge, you can now hunt for the Crude Amethysts and make your own stone coffin, which will help you progress in the main questline and unlock more recipes.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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