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V Rising How to catch fish V Rising fishing

Fish are a big part of V Rising. Not only are they needed for some very important potions, but also to keep your prisoners happy.

Fishing can be unlocked as early as level 20, by killing the V Blood target Rufus the Foreman. Players are able to craft a fishing pole and can hook fish in any place that has water, although there are some limitations.

Players can only fish when near activity spots, which randomly form in any body of water around the entire game map. This means that just going to a river and fishing isn’t doable, as the player has to constantly look for new active fishing spots.

Being fully honest, fishing in V Rising is a waste of time. You have to constantly be on the move, and you’ll most likely collect materials instead of actual fish, making the activity even more frustrating.

Thankfully, you are a vampire, and vampires don’t have to do anything they don’t feel like doing. The best way to acquire fish in V Rising is to order your servants to raid fishing villages around the map, which is way more lucrative and passive than going from spot to spot trying to grab some elusive fish.

That doesn’t mean fishing is completely worthless, as it has the chance to net you some important materials, as well as cosmetic items, but if your goal is to actually catch fish, then it’s better you leave it to your servants.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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