V Rising console ports possible after PC base gets more work

V Rising console ports

Indie vampire RPG hit V Rising console ports could arrive at some point in the future, according to developer Stunlock Studios.

The developer said their focus is to “first make V Rising the best it can be for PC” as they just released it via early access, and that there’s “still a lot of work to be done,” a statement provided to GameSpot.

They added, “That said, further down the line we will look into the possibilities of bringing the game to console and other platforms.”

The game is the new best selling game from Stunlock Studios, selling more than 1 million copies in just under a week – such a success even their team was surprised.

In case you missed it – we found the vampiric action RPG extremely promising in our thorough video and written preview – which you can find here.

V Rising is now available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access.



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