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Being dead is difficult, and V Rising makes it painfully obvious how hard it is for a vampire to heal themselves.

Despite being an ARPG, chugging potions is not a viable strategy in V Rising, both because they are difficult to make and take way too long to be used.

Early in the game players have two methods of healing: The Blood Mending skill and the Vermin Salve item.

Vermin Salves can be made from Rats, Bones, and Plant Fiber, while Blood Mending costs some of your blood reserves.

Blood Mending is channeled over a long period of time, making it pretty useless mid-combat, while the Vermin Salve can restore 25% of your maximum health, but its effect is broken if you take any damage.

Players who advanced their way through the Research Desk have another healing source, which is much more useful during combat.

The Blood Rose Brew can be unlocked by using papers in the Research Desk, or can be unlocked by using its recipe directly.

The Blood Rose Brew heals 40% of your health, but also has the downside of losing its effect if the player takes damage while using it. There are stronger versions of the Blood Rose Brew, like the one unlocked by defeating the V Blood target Christina, the Sun Priestess.

Whatever method of healing you prefer to use, just make sure its effects aren’t broken by damage, since healing is a rare commodity in the world of V Rising.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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