V Rising – 5 Beginner Tips

V Rising Beginner's Guide

V Rising is a survival crafting ARPG hybrid, in which players seek to expand their influence as vampires.

The game has hundreds of different systems that players need to get accustomed to, and it can get confusing very quickly.

V Rising can be pretty brutal at times, so we decided to work on a guide with some very helpful tips for those who are just starting out.

5- You can use whatever weapons you want

The game’s tutorial is pretty good, but it suffers from a slight miscommunication issue.

Players are asked to create a pair of axes to chop down trees, and a mace to break down stones, but this isn’t exactly mandatory, as any weapon type can break down any resource node.

There’s no need to have multiple weapons unless you like switching movesets whenever needed, since the resources are locked behind weapon tiers, and not weapon types.

4-Bring some friends

V Rising is a multiplayer game through and through, and playing it solo is not a great experience.

Playing in PvP servers alone is not a fantastic idea, as you’ll almost always be at a disadvantage against people who play with their friends.

Even in PvE servers, the grind for some resources can become insane, and even though fights may be easier solo, your friend can hold things down while you resurrect for a round 2, which is pretty useful.

3- If you are stuck, there are other ways to progress

V Rising‘s main progression path comes from taking down multiple V Blood targets, but you can always find other ways to progress.

If you are having trouble with a V Blood target, the consider checking if there is anything else you could be doing to optimize your character, like crafting certain resistance potions or even upgrading your equipment and weapons.

There’s always another route of progress that you can find in V Rising, as the game rarely forces you to fight something you can’t defeat.

2- Skill types only synergize with each other

As you unlock new skills, you’ll realize that only skills of a certain type combo well with each other.

The unholy skills are definitely the biggest example of that, as each skill makes enemies take more damage from your minions as your target becomes condemned.

Different skills can be mixed-and-matched, but having multiple skills of the same type can prove to be really fruitful when crafting your build.

1- Blood types matter

As you start approaching more difficult content, your blood type will either push you forward or hold you back.

Having a blood type that matches well with your weapon of choice is extremely important, and the purity can give you some crazy stat boosts.

Hunting down for high blood types can be a pain, especially before you unlock the prisoner system, but it’s always important to be properly fed.

Consider checking out our guide on blood types if you want to know more.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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