Upcoming hack-and-slash game V.A Proxy lets you parry nuclear explosions

V.A Proxy

The character action genre is rooted in absurdity, and as a result of developers constantly trying to one-up each other, we have reached nuke parries.

V.A Proxy is an upcoming hack-and-slash game set in a decaying open world where nuclear weapons are constantly used, one of the many features is that you can parry the nuclear blasts once you level up your sword.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

As time passed, the world continued to devolve into a further state of decay, and the once everlasting megastructure started to rot from the inside out, infecting most of the fauna on the surface.

S-units, are very powerful and unstable type of machines.Awakened with most of their memories gone, they had no choice but to follow the breadcrumb trail left to them by their creators to unravel the mysteries of this world.

Key Features:

  • Fast paced combat: Fight hoards of enemies at breakneck speed, S-Units are defected fighting mechs that are extremely fragile yet cause massive damage with their speed and attack power.
  • Mix of melee and ranged combat: With the aid of your support drones, V-Units, you have a wide variety of close-range and long-range attack options for any combat situation.
  • Seamless Hand Crafted Open-World: Take a moment off fighting and enjoy the beauty of the decaying world as corruption paints breath-taking scenes that tell stories in the crevices of the megastructure.

You can check out the developer’s Twitter account to learn more about V.A Proxy and its nuclear desert environment.

V.A Proxy has no release date yet, and will be available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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