Japanese horror-mystery game Urban Myth Dissolution Center adds Switch port

Urban Myth Dissolution Center

Publisher Shueisha Games and developer Hakababunko announced a Switch port for Urban Myth Dissolution Center, their horror-mystery visual novel.

Urban Myth Dissolution Center is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2024 alongside its previously announced Windows PC (via Steam) version.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its previously released trailer:

The Urban Myth Dissolution Center – your one-stop solution for researching and (dis)solving monstrous oddities, cursed relics and dimensional anomalies!

Take on urban myth cases as heroine Azami Fukurai, under the hypervision of Ayumu Meguriya, Level S psyhic and Center Director…

The game takes you through an episodical digital mystery adventure, themed on multiple urban myths that roam the internet, and presented in stunning psychedelic pixel art.

The player takes control of Azami and for the detective legwork, collecting circumstantial evidence and social network posts to unravel the truth behind each urban myth, as well as the hidden pasts of each client, and why they came to encounter each oddity. Dis(solve) each myth and case to discover the resolution, and unexpected consequences, of each episode.

The Urban Myth Dissolution Center

The Urban Myth Dissolution Center is a privately owned institution specializing in the adaptive research (both onsite and online) and collection, as well as psychic divination by Center Director Ayumu Meguriya, of the numerous urban myths that dot the offline and online worlds.

Features Urban Myths

The game depicts multiple urban myths, including the Axeman Under the Bed.


  • Azami Fukurai – The game’s heroine is a newly-hired full-time part-time member of the Urban Myth Dissolution Center’s staff. Working the Center’s cases inevitably makes anomalies and oddities part of her working day. Is able to see others’ intentions and residual thoughts through her glasses. “Anything to help a friend!”
  • Ayumu Meguriya – Center Director of the Urban Myth Dissolution Center, and Level S psychic. Avoids onsite research due to his wheelchair, but can divine oddities’ true forms with his clairvoyant abilities.
    “Another oddity, seeping through”
  • Jasmine – Real name: Yasumi Tomarigi. Onsite Operative at the Urban Myth Dissolution Center. Her unmotivated part-timer attitude hides an unexplained wealth of skills including driving, close combat and surveillance ops.
    “Who’da thunk, I’m actually serious about this one”
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