Urban Heroes: Beautiful Mix of Games and Comics

Two of my favorite forms of entertainment are video games and comic books.  Urban Heroes, by Italian based studio Tin Hat Games, is a mixture between the two genres.

Urban Heroes takes place in a world that mirrors our own.  In 2008 an explosion blew up half of Europe and at the same time spread radiation throughout the world.  People were infected and it started mutating them.

Fast forward a few years and the mutants are now Super Heroes.  The US government decides to start recruiting these heroes and make a defense force for America.

urbanheroes 4-27-2014 usa

This generates a media firestorm.  All of the superhumans are now like celebrities.   With all of that fame and wealth,  corruption, drugs, and greed follow and start to sully the super humans’ reputation.

Now some heroes are forced to go into hiding, pretending to be normal.  Riots ensue and peoples’ perception of these idols are now skewed.

urbanheroes 4-27-2014 riots

In the game your hero can have 1 of 5 origin powers.  Each of these 5  origin powers will have over 100 different powers to choose from.

You can mix and match those with over 20 abilities to make your character one of a kind.  All together, Tin Hat Games says you can make over 900,000 different combinations.

Urban Heroes looks like it will be the perfect game for comic book fans.  The artwork is in true comic fashion and Hot Tin Games say the artwork is being drawn by some of Marvel and DC’s best artist, but with a completely original story.

urbanheroes 4-27-2014 dead

Urban Heroes is currently on kickstarter and the campaign runs until Thursday May 15th.  Make sure to check back for updates as more information and gameplay is released.

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