Upcoming PS5 exclusive Side Bullet showcases game modes

Side Bullet

Upcoming 2D shooter Side Bullet showcased its battle royale modes and some game mechanics in a new trailer.

Here’s a rundown on the game mechanics, as well as the new trailer:

Coming to PlayStation 5 later this year as a free-to-play title, SIDE BULLET is a 2D take on the online shooter. Set in an urban concrete jungle, players will be pitted against both each other and strange monsters. Choose a fighter from one of nine cartels, each offering its own passive skill as a Unique Perk.

SIDE BULLET is split between two primary game modes: Battle Royale Solo and Battle Royale Trio. Both place you in a randomly-generated battleground called BELOBOG that gets increasingly smaller as time passes due to a toxic gas leak. The longer you’re exposed to the gas, the more your HP gauge will shrink, so it’s important to find a safe place quickly!

Both battle royale modes will require you to use your guns in conjunction with your grappling hook for smooth, agile precision platforming.

Side Bullet is scheduled to release at some point as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.



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