Unsung Story Kickstarter Meets Funding Goal

unsung story ss 1

The Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians kickstarter has finally reached its funding goal, and has since come to a close.

Closing in at roughly $660,000 dollars, the crowd funding campaign unfortunately did not meet any of its stretch goals. At the basic funding level, development will continue for PC, Mac, Linux, Windows Tablets, iOS, and Android devices. It had stretch goals for dedicated handhelds like the Playstation Vita, and home consoles like the Playstation 4.

Many attributed the lack of fan response to the kickstarter to the team revealing that the game would be made regardless of whether they made their funding goal or not, while others pointed to the lack of clarification on visionary Yasumi Matsuno’s actual role within the development team. Lastly, another strike against the game was its original reveal as a tabletop RPG and video game, which left some fans confused.

Whatever the reason, the game is being funded and made now, although it has a more humble budget than most were probably hoping for.

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