UnlocX Modular Gun Brings Fully Automatic Gel Blasts

UnlocX Modular Gun

The UnlocX is a new modular toy gun that is hoping to cover multiple styles of tactical gunplay, from kids to adults and with fully automatic firing to boot.

The team behind the UnlocX (also called the UnlocX Team) have put the new toy gun up on Indiegogo in the hopes of funding and shipping out their finished production models.

Some highlights for the UnlocX modular gun are that it is fully automatic and motorized, fires up to 11 rounds per second, and has an absolutely staggering 200 FPS (feet per second) velocity – so you’ll have to make sure you’re wearing goggles and maybe even some padded clothes.

Furthermore, the gel bullets come in their dried form and in packets that just need to be soaked in the included water bottle for a few hours. Once ready – you dump them into the cartridge and fire away. The gel bullets are nontoxic and biodegradable as well, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards they’ll just dissolve away.

Here’s a quick overview of the UnlocX:

While the initial funding goal for the UnlocX was reached quickly on its Indiegogo campaign, there are stretch goals available.

Here’s a product blurb and some tech specs:

The UnlocX modular system full auto Gel Blaster provides hours of adrenaline pumping fun. It shoots UnlocX certified 7.5mm biodegradable, non-toxic, water-based gel ball / water bead ammo. In full auto mode, at least 8 rounds per second are sent downrange at a velocity of up to 180 fps with just enough sting to make the family friendly fun game more exciting. The gel ball / water bead ammo explodes on contact and immediately begin to evaporate, leaving no mess and requiring no clean up.  Welcome to UnlocX the new way of family Gel Blaster FUN.

The UnlocX modular system gel blaster kit contains one electric UnlocX gel blaster, 700 round magazine, detachable fore grip and stock, 7000 rounds of UnlocX ammunition, rechargeable 7.4V 1200mAh battery with charging cable, UnlocX hydrator and safety glasses.


  • Shoots safe, soft UnlocX Certified 7.5 mm water beads ammo
  • Easy Load 700 round big capacity magazine 
  • Full-Auto Mode blasts at least 8 rounds per second 
  • 7,000 rounds of UnlocX ammunition 
  • Rechargeable 7.4V 1200mAh battery with charging cable 
  • UnlocX hydrator 
  • Safety glasses 
  • Suggested Age: 14 years and up


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