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Unicorn Overlord

Have you just started Vanillaware’s fantasy strategy RPG epic Unicorn Overlord and you’re not sure how to quickly level up your characters? Or perhaps you’re looking to just power level your various teams so you can have an edge.

There’s a few options new players for Unicorn Overlord have to quickly level up their characters: beating late-game Liberation quests or farming Auxiliary skirmish stages, activated by Selvie, that are repeatable. A recap on the options you have to level fast in Unicorn Overlord:

  • Clearing late-game Liberation quests
  • Farming Auxiliary skirmish stages

How to Level Up Fast in Unicorn Overlord

Clearing late-game Liberation quests

Leveling fast in Unicorn Overlord by clearing late-game stages way ahead of your current level is not only possible, but tremendously speeds up how fast you level compared to regular progression with comparable enemy levels.

To prepare for this you’ll need to stock up on recovery items that you have to carefully use alongside certain character classes and skills to help pad your way through the tougher battles. Items are finite resources in shops, so stock up:

  • Healing tonics (heals one unit)
  • Healing fonts (heals your entire group)
  • Revival orbs (revives individual units)
  • Hallowed Corne Ash (revives an entire squad, or recovers 2 valor points)

Once you stock up on these items you’ll want to fill up your squads with classes like the Gryphon Knight – which crushes cavalry units (which are common in later stages) with its attack bonus and also give your units a speed boost with its Hastened Call valor skill. They’re also effective at countering general land units but they are naturally weak to ranged and/or anti-air units. Fran is a unique Gryphon Knight that you get early on after the “The Priestess, Abducted” quest, so make use of her quickly.

Another class you’ll want to start utilizing to power level in advanced areas is the Sellsword, due to its Summon Warriors valor skill. This is a bit of a lame way to cheese through leveling but the skill will summon units that actually scale to the stage level, not the character’s level. This is critical in giving you an even playing field with enemies vastly more powerful than you. Berenice is a unique Sellsword that you also get early after the “The Mercenary’s Trial” sidequest.

Following these tactics will let you take on stages that are 5-10 or even more levels higher than your main characters, so long as you’re clever with your squads and their individual character placements. The goal here is to avoid one-hit kills in your squads and slowly but surely taking down enemy units and raking in those big EXP chunks. There are even some level 40 (very late-game) liberation quests near the starting area that you can attempt early on.

Farming Auxiliary skirmish stages

Early on in your travels you’ll get the ability to recruit Selvie, a unique shaman that also unlocks a very critical part of the game to leveling and getting stronger: Auxiliary stages. These are simulated, repeatable stages that will let players not only farm EXP in each stage but get reward items that let you further boost your characters levels. When you discover your first sigil, just south of Fort Lonteria (southest of Cornia), you’ll recruit Selvie and unlock your first sigil, and its Auxiliary stage.

As you unlock more regions in the world you’ll find more sigils and their corresponding Auxiliary stages littered throughout Fevrith. These are generally less pressured than the main story quests or liberation quests, and are usually very straightforward. Players will be able to plan out units with under-leveled characters or just characters they’re power leveling and respond to the set enemy units. As you clear Auxiliary stages, you get gold and bonus EXP books Military Treatises) that give chunks of EXP but also bonus EXP if the character is under a certain level.

Each Auxiliary stage you find generally increases in level by 7 or more levels, and they vary in both layout and enemy units depending on the area of the map in which you find them. These stages are generally a pushover until the mid 20s when starting character Josef is no longer 10 or more levels higher than all the enemies. So long as you keep leveling up your main units and characters, though, you can generally carry your under-leveled characters and units.

Unicorn Overlord was launched on March 8th, 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.

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