Unfinished 1998 2D Fighter “The Fallen Angels” is Getting a Complete Version for Arcades and Consoles

City Connection and Zerodiv have announced they’re going to finish the incomplete 2D fighting game Daraku Tenshi (The Fallen Angels), which indie studio Psikyo had been working on back in the 1990s.

The news comes from the 10th anniversary event for the Takadanobaba Mikado Arcade, where the publisher confirmed (via Satoshi68k) they’re going to finish development on the incomplete fighter, with help from Japanese studio exA-Arcadia, who focus on porting games to arcades.

A release is planned for both arcades and consoles, with the console versions coming at a later time.

The history on The Fallen Angels is a bit unclear, due to the fact that the game was seemingly released in an incomplete state, even for arcades in the 1990s.

After its failed launch, key staff reportedly went back to SNK. This makes sense, considering fighters appeared in later SNK fighting games that resembled fighters originally appearing in The Fallen Angels.

In related news, City Connection announced another arcade follow-up with Strikers 2020, which based on the classic shoot ’em up series, also co-developed by Psikyo.

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