Open world action game Unending Dawn gets new block of gameplay

Unending Dawn

Chinese developer Parcae’s Fate Studio has shared a big block of gameplay for Unending Dawn, their upcoming open world action game.

The new seven-plus minute block of gameplay shows off the new action game, which is coming to iOS, Android, and now PS5 as well.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new gameplay:

From the deep dark beyond reality, intangible beings emerge, and strange colors crawl across the sky, filling the land with malice and taboos.

Civilizations built on layers of history, faiths woven from lies, all that mortals take pride in, crumbled into ruins on the Day of ‘Unending Dawn’.

Yet, some tread the Path of Cognition, unreachable by ordinary folks, bearing the color curse that will ultimately destroy them, guarding the hope that sustains the world’s existence.

Color is both the source of danger and the genesis of hope. Which is your choice—the Red Of War, the Blue Of Eternity, or the Gold Of Destiny?

Hope remains, and the flame of belief burns everlastingly.



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