Rhythm-adventure game UNBEATABLE resurfaces with 2025 release


2021-announced and Kickstarter’ed game UNBEATABLE has resurfaced with a new publisher, Playstack, and news that it’s finally releasing.

Developer D-CELLS and publisher Playstack announced UNBEATABLE is now set to launch sometime in 2025 for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Unbeatable is a stunning hand-drawn anime inspired rhythm adventure game. Experience what it means to be a band on the run – music is illegal in this world, but you won’t let that stop you.

Follow Beat & her bandmates through their journey of self discovery blending live song performances, spectacular set pieces and quirky rhythm mini games.

Explore a detailed open world and engage in branching conversations with several unique characters. Featuring a 100% original soundtrack alongside guest tracks and musical collaborations.

A Young Girl Plays a Song

UNBEATABLE is an anime-juiced rhythm adventure where you (figuratively) destroy on stage while you (literally) destroy on stage. During rhythm gameplay, you only need two buttons: a button for up and a button for down. Simple to understand! The complicated part is doing it. Try not to get destroyed yourself.

Half the game is walking around and taking things at your own pace. The other half is trying to keep up with ours.

Lose Your Way

The pink-haired girl is Beat, and she is you, and you have a lot of things to worry about. The cops are everywhere, and they are mad at you for what feels like no good reason. Though it doesn’t help your case that you keep making friends with people that the cops are mad at for slightly better reasons. But what do I know?

Find Your Voice

Talk to people, help them out (or don’t, I’m not your mom!), play huge concerts, and punch cops. And then run away from the cops you punched. Also there are monsters or something. Not sure what’s going on there?!?!

All of this culminates in massive setpieces where everything is at stake. The music got you here. It’ll get you through it.

*if this was 1999 this section would be called “talk the talk and rock the rock”

Party Like It’s 1999

UNBEATABLE’s full arcade mode is an entire game by itself with its own progression system and a full online component. There’s modifiers, tons of songs (with more to come!) and a whole challenge board to beat, with things to do that range from as simple as “beat a song on easy mode” to, one may presume, something as complicated as “solve an ancient riddle while skateboarding.” That’s not a real example.

**if this was 1999 this section would be called “party like it’s now”


  • Characters that hate you!
  • Maybe also some that don’t!
  • The arcade mode has a cute little profile you can customize and unlock stuff for and I think that’s pretty neat
  • Graphics! We’d describe them but I mean it’s right there, you can see it
  • A whole entire double album worth of original songs
  • plus acoustic versions of those songs
  • oh and also remixes, too
  • You can unlock all the songs by playing the narrative OR just by playing the arcade game exclusively! Great for those who truly hate stories
  • Something (in this game) will make you feel something (in real life)!
  • It’s anime
  • If you think about it, QTEs are basically just rhythm games with no music
  • Please, whatever you do, the title is either all caps or no caps. Be kind to us.
  • And the idea changes you in return.
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