Umbra Reveals Its Player Housing System

One of the most sought-after features in open world RPGs is the ability to create your own home or base of operations. The Elder Scrolls has always (At least since Daggerfall) allowed you to do this and even some MMORPGs include this feature…so why not Umbra? That might be what SolarFall Games thought, since today’s Kickstarter update reveals the open-world action RPG’s housing options.

    We want players to have their own place of peace, an area of their own thanks to their hard work while fighting in the wild. We want you to showcase your trophies and hard earned items in a unique place that you build yourself! Are you ready? Then come join us to discover Umbra’s housing module!
    Umbra’s housing system allows you to build your house from the ground to the walls, adding furniture throughout the place; allowing you to showcase armors, weaponry and trophy kills.

Also of note is that a live stream of the game will be done by Crytek themselves on the 27th. Though no link is provided, the update mentions that more info regarding the stream will be posted in their next update. As of this writing, their Kickstarter has little over $50,000USD to go with 20 days left.

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