Umbra Gives Us A Taste Of Its Crafting System

In the latest update for Umbra, the cryengine-powered action RPG by SolarFall Games, we learn more about the title’s crafting and weaponry systems. Accompanied by a short video, the mechanics it uses are a bit more involved than most other action-based RPGs. Rather then just clicking a button and seeing the gear pop up, you can actually pick and choose from several different pieces of an item, creating a unique, customized look. Swords can have the blade length, hilt size and overall shape adjusted in their crafting screen, which makes sense given that Umbra has a ton of graphical horsepower to take advantage of, thanks to Crytek’s engine.

There’s also a smithing mini-game that goes with crafting, explained in their posting:

    Today, we are going to show you Umbra’s crafting and weaponry system! As we described earlier on our Kickstarter page, Umbra’s weaponry will allow you to design your own weapon with a large panel of options!
    Our forge mini-game will allow players push the customization even more, and it has been designed as a very cool, fun and rewarding mini-game.
    It puts you in the role of a smith hitting, for example, the item you have in order to shape a blade. You will have to strike at the right time, whilst making sure that your blade is hot enough to be molded!

Umbra is only 30K away from its goal with 16 days left, so it should, barring any sudden drying up of interest, make it to the finish line in time.

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