Uma Musume Pretty Derby is coming west in English

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a multimedia franchise built around a gacha mobile game of the same name.

At first beginning with an anime series, Uma Musume Pretty Derby has gone on to establish itself as one of the bigger gacha games in Japan, at one point even beating out Genshin Impact and Pokemon GO (I’m more of a Blue Archive person).

The game is known for featuring horses named after actual racing horses in Japan. However this connection has also led to some issues, a strict fanworks policy discourages ecchi fanworks. Some players speculate that this strict rule might have to do with possible connections between the Yakuza and Japanese horse racing.

Uma Musume launched the official English account for the game earlier this month to announce the upcoming release.

An official release date for the game in English has yet to be announced.



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