Twitter’s Most Popular Game for 2019 was Fate/Grand Order

twitter most popular game

Fate/Grand Order has been confirmed as Twitter’s most popular game for all of 2019.

Out of more than 1.2 billion tweets, the social media platform compiled a top ten list of the most popular game’s they observed as the most popular. Fate/Grand Order managed to remain more popular than newer games like Fortnite, Granblue Fantasy, and Minecraft.

Here’s the top ten most popular games:

  1. Fate/Grand Order
  2. Fortnite
  3. Final Fantasy
  4. Identity V
  5. Granblue Fantasy
  6. Ensemble Stars
  7. Monster Strike
  8. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  9. Minecraft
  10. Super Smash Bros.

While Fate/Grand Order is a game originally from 2015, it’s part of a massively popular Fate fanbase, which includes anime, a manga, console video games, and more. Fate/Grand Order was later released in America back in 2017, but it has remained popular in Japan ever since.

It’s worth noting gaming tweets were most popular in Japan, followed by the United States, and then South Korea, Thailand, Brazil, and then France.

The most popular gaming events on Twitter included E3 2019, Tokyo Game Show 2019, The Game Awards, Paris Games Week, and — as expected, Fate/Grand Order Fest. Yes, the game is popular enough to warrant its own expo.

Here’s a brief rundown on the game:

A new mobile “Fate RPG,” presented by TYPE-MOON! With an impressive main scenario and multiple character quests,

the game features millions of words of original story! Packed with content that both fans of the Fate franchise and newcomers will be able to enjoy.

A command card battle RPG optimized for smart phones!

Players become Masters and together with Heroic Spirits, defeat enemies and solve the mystery of human history’s disappearance.

It’s up the players to form a party with their favorite Heroic Spirits – both new and old.

The latest game in the franchise, Fate/Extella Link, is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can read our review for the game here.

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