Twitter will end legacy verified badges in the “coming months”


Not long after Elon Musk became the sole owner of Twitter, the new boss has moved fast through changes and lining up new features to the social media platform.

One such change, which just rolled out to iOS users (Android is reportedly coming next week, we’re told), is the new “Verified” badge for Twitter Blue subscribers.

This immediately brought some chaos via trolls on the platform, who coordinated with legacy “Verified” accounts to complain about the new subscriber badges.

Twitter then quietly and seemingly randomly rolled out “Official” tags for these legacy “Verified” accounts after many of them complained, which confused things more. Elon then confirmed this odd “Official” tag was killed immediately as a feature, per his request.

Now, after a nearly constant campaign railing against the new subscriber verification, Musk has confirmed legacy verified accounts will be removed in the “coming months,” due to the rampant corruption.

“Far too many corrupt legacy Blue ‘verification’ checkmarks exist, so no choice but to remove legacy Blue in coming month,” he said.

We’re inclined to agree – Niche Gamer can confirm despite thousands of citations to our website, a notable online presence, and quality daily content – we have been consistently denied a verified badge on Twitter over the years.

At times Niche Gamer was even instantly denied a verified badge, which leads us to suspect the entire system was heavily biased. Musk also seemingly confirmed a known rumor that employees were secretly selling verification to clients, off the books, for tens of thousands of dollars.

Musk also said that the new subscriber “Verified” badge will be “the great leveler,” reinforcing previous comments he made that the legacy verification badges “lords & peasants system” for who is and isn’t eligible “is bullshit.”

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