Twitter user creates Lord of the Rings with Junji Ito’s style using AI

junji Ito Lord of the Rings

The epic fantasy of The Lord of the Rings with the gritty and macabre art style of Junji Ito, one Twitter user thought to combine the two with Bing AI.

Twitter user @GamingAndPandas combined the classic fantasy story with the style of Junji Ito. You can see some of the results for yourself below.

Unfortunately most of them are plagued by the common AI issues of weird eyes and hands, though it’s clear that Bing’s AI powered by DALL-E has a lot more versatility than the anime-based models floating around.

Artificial Intelligence is a controversial tool among artists due to how it scrapes data from manmade art (in some cases without the artist’s permission). Meanwhile some users of AI models may see it as more of a toy than actual threat to artistry.

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