Twitter reportedly paid whistleblower $7 million in exchange for silence on spam and security issues


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The Twitter legal battle between them and Elon Musk from the fallout of his attempted purchase of the social media giant to him later backing down continues to rage on. The billionaire’s reasoning for doing so was the issue pertaining to the number of bots to real users on the site.

More information coming out against Twitter would be former company security chief Peiter Zatko, who claimed the platform had “egregious” problems in terms of spam and security. Zatko will also testify in Congress over this matter.

Now it’s been reported by the Wall Street Journal that Twitter had paid this whistleblower $7 million as part of a settlement back in June this year. This settlement appears to have been a part of him being fired by new CEO Parag Agrawal, who was appointed to the position in November of 2021.

Per the terms of this settlement, Zatko had signed a nondisclosure agreement, which prevents him from publicly disparaging the company or even discussing his time at Twitter.

However, this doesn’t impact his ability to speak on the matter when it comes to Congressional hearings and government whistleblower complaints. This is why he has been able to speak on the matter as this legal battle continues to ensue.

It should be noted this settlement occurred before Zatko filed any whistleblower complaints with the company, the same goes for Elon Musk essentially ending his attempted buyout of Twitter.

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