Twitter Considering a Paid, Premium Version for Users

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Despite floundering user adoption, questionable handling of outspoken users, and more – Twitter is considering a paid, premium version of their service for users.

The company is contemplating a paid, enhanced version of TweetDeck, their more robust version for the desktop version of Twitter. The news comes from a new survey (via The Verge), which is to gauge user interest in “a new, more enhanced version of TweetDeck.”

It’s worth mentioning this won’t affect the regular version of Twitter, on desktop or mobile.

Twitter is positioning the premium TweetDeck as a service for “marketers, journalists, professionals, and others.” The new TweetDeck would have features like “advanced audience insights [and] analytics,” alongside tools to monitor “multiple timelines from multiple accounts and from multiple devices.”

In essence this is exactly what TweetDeck is now as a free service, however it will presumably have more tools for built-in analytics. The survey is designed as a mock-up of what the new premium TweetDeck could include, however Twitter claims they haven’t begun development on anything like it, yet.

My take: As a heavy user of TweetDeck, the gradual instability of the platform has made me question whether or not Twitter will continue supporting what is probably just a money sink for the company. A paid version makes sense from their perspective, but is questionable when many free options exist out there.

Pictured: Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey


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