Twitter artists are migrating to Japanese open-source platform Misskey

Following the recent changes to Twitter, Japanese artists have decided to create Misskey accounts as backups, with some already abandoning Twitter for good.

Misskey is a Japanese open-source platform, that seems to have the same approach as Pixiv to its content and things published to the platform.

One of the top user posts in Misskey’s welcome page states the following:

[…] Please leave Twitter culture at the door.

Misskey is not Twitter so please don’t treat it the same way! Here, users are already very diligent in censoring NSFW or dark content so if you don’t like something, please ignore it! […]

Misskey seems to already have a thriving Japanese community, and has decentralized Twitter-like feeds, ranging from art to news and group chats. The default feed is, which serves as a sort of general channel for the social media.

Misskey’s blend of Twitter and Discord seems to work in its favor, hosting official instances but allowing users to create their own as well.

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