Twitch Removes PS4 Playroom Content Altogether

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It seems we just can’t have nice things, as per the recent confirmation that Twitch is removing some PS4 content from their streaming rotation. What are they removing exactly? Why, all of the Playstation 4’s Playroom content, that’s what.

This change of policy is coming hot off the heels of the recent debacle involving Playstation 4 users abusing their Twitch channel for non-gaming content, like the dude exposing his passed out wife. Some people, like the couple who were hosting The Spartan Show, were having actual discussions about games and or game related things, both of which are totally appropriate for Twitch streaming. The key thing is that all of this was done through the Playstation 4’s Playroom app, a Playstation Eye enabled demo-reel of sorts that records you as you’re playing.

Now, because of all the people abusing the system and streaming non-game content, or totally inappropriate content, Twitch is removing Playroom content from their directory entirely. You read that right – Playroom content will cease to be on Twitch’s directory from now on, or at least until they get a lock down on the morons abusing the system.

All hope is not lost though, the Playroom content may return after a thorough culling has been made on the Playstation Network. A twitch representative had this to say in an email exchange with Game Informer:

“We will look into adding it back as PS4 owners become more familiar with the games-only focus of Twitch content. In the meantime, you can view all of the amazing gameplay from PS4 broadcasters in this directory page on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/directory/all/ps4.”

Now it’ll be interesting if Microsoft runs into the same problem with users on Xbox One, thankfully we haven’t heard of people getting naked in front of Kinect 2.0, yet.

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