Twitch Plays Pokemon is Now Tackling Pokemon Emerald

pokemon emerald ss 1

Praise Helix! Twitch Plays Pokemon has finally embarked on their next journey, this time they’re playing through Pokemon Emerald. Currently a day or so into the game, players are entering commands into the chat and attempting to progress (or hinder) through battles and various environments.

Pokemon Emerald is the third game in the Hoenn region of the Pokemon World, and the third generation of games within the series. Originally released on the Gameboy Advance back in 2005, it added new elements like the Battle Frontier, where players can experience lots of different Pokemon competitions in different areas.

I’ve always enjoyed the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald generation of Pokemon games, for some reason I really enjoyed them moreso other games released in the series around the same time. One of my favorite features in the entire series, the secret base, was introduced in generation 3, only to be scrapped after the following generation.

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