Turn-based stealth game Spirited Thief gets release date

Spirited Thief

Stealth strategy game Spirited Thief is coming out on PC soon.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Scout and steal with your “spirited” friend

Spirited Thief is a tactical turn-based stealth game with a twist: take your time to scout ahead and plan your heist as your ghostly friend, then use your knowledge to break in and break out with pricey loot.

Another job gone wrong… Elaj – unlucky thief with a few magic tricks upon his sleeves – and Trin – his partner-in-crime who happens to be an intangible spirit – are on the verge of being kicked out of the ruthless Thieves Guild!

Determined to prove themselves to the guild, and make some sweet steals in the process, Elaj and Trin must work together to infiltrate heavily protected vaults, mysterious crypts, and more. With the occasional help of allies, what secrets, treasures, and troubles will the pair get their hands on?

Scout, loot and get out!

Scout undetected as Trin, the spirit. Explore, plan, and locate secret passages and treasures without the burden of a physical body.

  • Steal as Elaj, the thief. Loot as much as you can without giving the guards time to react.
  • Outsmart enemies, sneak through locked doors, and break down magical barriers. No door can stop you.
  • With turn-based gameplay, get in and get out before the guards become aware of your presence. You’ve only got so long, so use your turns wisely.

Work with your (growing) Team

  • Infiltrate wealthy castles, dark dungeons, and occult lairs under the guidance of the infamous thieves’ guild.
  • Upgrade your skills with new and exciting abilities in exchange for your ill-gotten gains.
  • Study your briefings so you know what you’re getting into and what to look out for. Will you take it slow and steady to find all the secrets, or is a smash-and-grab more up your street?

Spirited Thief promises to be a mischievous adventure, where you outsmart enemies and snatch all of their loot.

Spirited Thief releases September 19th, 2023 on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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