Japanese horror game Tsugunohi gets PS4 port


Publisher Vaka Game Magazine and developer ImCyan have released a PS4 port for classic Japanese horror game Tsugunohi.

The popular Japanese horror game is now available for PS4, via the PlayStation Store. Tsugunohi was originally released for PC (via Steam) and Switch.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

The PS4 version of the classic horror game “Tsugunohi,” with its simple “just go left” controls, will be released simultaneously worldwide on Friday, February 9, at midnight. “Tsugunohi” is extremely popular, with more than 150 million views of related videos. The exquisite horror experience, like watching a short film, will be available on PS4, following Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Like the Nintendo Switch version released on August 10, 2023, there is a theme song with vocals fully supervised by the author, ImCyan, and a second round of “Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past-“, a highly popular story in the series.

This popular title, which ranked high immediately after its release on Nintendo Switch, can also be enjoyed on PS4.


A total of 10 works, including the 9 works included in the Steam version released in August 2021, plus “Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past-” (*Addition of the round 2). The popular “Tsugunohi -The parallel train in the dark-” is also included in the collection.

*Like the Steam version, a remastered version of the first, second, and third episodes of the older works with cleaner images and enhanced presentation is included.

“Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past-“

This is the eighth film in the “Tsugunohi” series, released in August 2020. This time, as in the Nintendo Switch™ version, a second round is included.

The main character, a young girl, suddenly finds herself living at her grandmother’s house in the countryside due to her mother’s business trip. Feeling uncomfortable in the melancholy rural atmosphere, she reaches her grandmother’s house, but fear gradually creeps into her life.

Trophies of Achievements are now available.

In the PS4® version, you can earn achievement trophies on PlayStation™Network based on your progress in the game and other factors. They are also linked to hidden elements and second-round discoveries, so be sure to enjoy them.

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