Troublemaker 2: Beyond Dream announced

Troublemaker 2

Publisher Freedom Games and developer Gamecom Team have announced Troublemaker 2: Beyond Dream, a new sequel to Troublemaker: Raise Your Gang.

Troublemaker 2: Beyond Dream is launching for Windows PC (via Steam) sometime in 2025.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Teenagers, Dreams, and Drugs. Unveil the secrets of South Jayakarta city that continue to haunt the dreams of the youth in the city, along with the power of friendship!

Troublemaker 2 is an open-world action-comedy beat-’em-up game set in the fictional settings of South Jayakarta, a diverse city in Indonesia. Play as Jordan and Budi alongside the Beyond Dream band and Parakacuk gang, as together, they overcome all obstacles to chase their dreams.

Explore the City

  • Inspired by beat-’em-up classics and its prequel, Troublemaker 2 delivers an exhilarating blend of seamless fun and stylish combat. Bare fists, weaponry, techniques, and finishers, all in your arsenal to defeat your enemies.
  • Immerse yourself in a city filled with activities and minigames that will keep you engaged as you explore every corner of the urban landscape.
  • Lot of unique side stories will also accompany you on your journey as you lend a helping hand to friends and townsfolk.

Chase Your Dream, Together

  • Beyond Dream, the band led by Jordan, Alex, Andira, and Halimawan. Together, they dream of becoming the most popular band in the city.
  • Parakacuk Gang, a friendship gang from their high school days. Budi, an MMA fighter; Boby, a future scholar; Rani, working for the city’s intelligence agency; and Zaenal, diligently working at Kedan Coffee. This friendship will endure as they continue to chase their dreams together.
  • Friendship, drama, love, rivalry, and adventures. A story that will never be forgotten throughout their teenage years.

Improvise, Adapter, Overcome

  • Witness the stylish combat showdown between Jordan, the street brawler, and Budi, the MMA fighter.
  • There are plenty of combo variations, weapons, items, and techniques to empower both Jordan and Budi.
  • Discover various unique shops and interactions in the city that will aid you on your journey.
  • The key is to use everything in your arsenal to defeat various types of enemies.
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