Trip World DX announced for PC, consoles, and Game Boy

Trip World DX

Limited Run Games, SUNSOFT, and original Trip World director Yuichi Ueda have announced Trip World DX, a new worldwide re-release of the classic platformer.

Trip World DX is coming to Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and even the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

This is the first release via Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine, which lets them port classic titles to modern platforms. Pre-orders kick off on April 28th and run through June 9th, via their official site.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a video of the game and the Carbon Engine:

Trip World DX

In close collaboration with Sunsoft and original Trip World director and producer Yuichi Ueda, Trip World DX expertly reproduces the legendary, highly sought-after platformer, releasing for the first time worldwide. The Carbon Engine allows for supreme accuracy in retro game emulation and gorgeous modern presentation to create a brand-new experience for timeless classics.

One of Sunsoft’s finest original titles, Trip World marks the peak of the company’s illustrious 8-bit legacy.

In the classic Trip World, you take part in a globetrotting adventure through Trip World, a land filled with endearing creatures and mythical beings, as the bunny-like hero Yakopoo. A showstopper on its original handheld hardware, Trip World features some of the finest graphics and music ever heard in a video game in this form factor. The quality of its presentation is matched perfectly by the spot-on game mechanics and atmospheric level design that encourages the player to take part and enjoy the many sights of Trip World rather than rush through and beat it.

Complimenting this fantastic re-release, Trip World DX includes a variety of features that provide never-before-seen content and context to what makes this game such an incredible release of its time, including a music player with remastered audio and arrangements, original design documents, cameo appearance designs, and video interviews.

Trip World DX is not just a name; it also signals the most exciting aspect of this incredible re release. Alongside original director Yuichi Ueda, the Carbon Engine team sought to realize a long-term dream for the director by developing a brand new colorized version of Trip World! Trip World DX is not just smoke and mirrors, nor simulated. This is a ground-up port of the game to spec for the Color handheld, with full compatibility on original hardware! What was once only in the planning stages in the 1990s is now fully realized and available thanks to the combined efforts of Sunsoft, Limited Run Games, and the Carbon Engine.

This incredible package includes the following:

  • The original handheld version of Trip World
  • A brand new color version: Trip World DX!
  • Museum mode containing never-before-seen design documents, video interviews with the original developer, music video, box scans, and much more.
  • Music player featuring original remastered audio tracks, brand new arrangements, and a surprise track from another cult Sunsoft classic title!
  • Sleek new presentation and art
  • Developed and designed alongside classic Sunsoft director Yuichi Ueda

Physical Versions

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 Editions

  • Standard Edition ($34.99)
    • Includes a physical copy of Trip World DX on the chosen platform
  • Collector’s Edition ($74.99)
    • Includes a physical copy of Trip World DX on the selected platform
    • Yakopoo plush
    • Retro cart keychain
    • Trip World DX official soundtrack on CD
    • Double-sided poster
    • Premium collector’s box

PC Edition

  • Standard Edition ($34.99)
    • Includes a digital copy of Trip World DX on a USB
    • Premium storage box

Retro Editions

  • Trip World for the Game Boy ($39.99)
  • Trip World DX for the Game Boy Color ($39.99)
  • Fans can also bundle a Yakopoo plush with their copy for $64.99

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