Trinity Trigger debut trailer, PC version added

Trinity Trigger

Publisher FuRyu and developer Three Rings shared the Trinity Trigger debut trailer alongside confirming a PC version is planned.

The newly-announced action RPG is now launching across Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. A playable demo is also now available on Nintendo Switch via the eShop and on PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store.

Here’s the debut trailer for Trinity Trigger:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Trinity Trigger

Three players can change their destiny. Trinity Trigger is an action RPG that makes you stronger by “discovering” and adventuring in a world of royal fantasy. In a world where a sacred tower exists, the main character Cyan sets out on a journey that will change his destiny. The theme is “Three Discoveries. The excitement and elation of “discovering” something is now here for everyone, from adults to children.

Three Discoveries

  • Battle – Switch between 8 weapons, and switch the player character according to the situation to overcome crises. The key to success is to “discover” the enemy’s weak point weapon.
  • Discovery in the field – Even in places that at first glance appear to be dead-ends, you can “discover” hidden passages by taking a step into the field. The game is also full of mystery-solving elements, such as unnaturally placed objects and strange things you see in the field.
  • Discoveries in the city – There are many “discoveries” hidden in the conversations of the people you meet in town. When you return to the previous town after having a conversation…. Each conversation may be a clue to something.


The Story of Myths. Once upon a time, the Gods of Order and the Gods of Chaos were fighting for supremacy over the world. A great weapon fell to the earth and the world began to collapse. So each god chose a proxy, a “Warrior of the Gods.”
And the victor would be decided by the battle of the warriors. Time passed.

A young man named Cyan was living a quiet life in a small village. One day, he discovered that he was the “Warrior of Chaos” chosen by the “Gods of Chaos”. The harsh destiny that he himself had been burdened with. With Eris and Xanthis, who gathered there as if guided by the gods of chaos, Cian embarked on a journey against his destiny. Sian sets out on a journey against his destiny.

Together, the three of them can change their destiny. We can change our destiny.

The stages of our adventures are diverse. The natural forests, the icy snowfields, the deserts swirling with quicksand, and many other areas that are essential to RPGs. There are many areas that are essential for RPGs. The monsters waiting for you in these areas also have their own characteristics.

In the icy world, there are ice-covered enemies that seem to have difficulty with swords. In the swamps, there are enemies that seem to be poisonous. You need to imagine from the area and prepare for your journey. You will need to prepare for your journey. RPG fans will get the idea just by looking at the world.

Trinity Trigger is set to launch on September 15th in Japan, across Switch, PS4, and PS5.

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