Triangle Strategy Tokyo Game Show 2021 Gameplay; Nintendo Announces Demo Feedback Changes

Triangle Strategy

Square Enix have revealed a new trailer for Triangle Strategy at Tokyo Game Show 2021, along with how demo feedback has changed it.

As previously reported, the game uses the “HD 2D” graphical style seen in Octopath Traveller. As three nations went to war over salt and iron; the decade old truce threatens to be broken by intrigue, and all-out war arising again. Players must make difficult choices, which will declare their convictions; morality, liberty, or utility. This affects the story and who will join you.

Feedback from the February demo was incorporated into the game, and Nintendo Europe recently revealed what that entailed in more detail. The major improvements include loading times (approximately 10 seconds shorter), and events can be viewed one after the after (rather than jumping back to the world map each time). Auto-play and skip has been added to events, along wit conversation logs and character profiles.

Hard and easy difficulty has been added, and camera controls have been adjusted and improved. In battle there will be “simulation mode;” so players may check the “estimated results of actions against enemies outside attack range.” UI and other information had become clearer.

As for the Tokyo Game Show 2021 trailer itself, the desperate appeals made by the party characters as they argue their case are shown, along with the major characters players will meet.  Battle is also shown off, along with the verdicts the characters cast after you talk to them.

You can find it below.


Triangle Strategy launches March 4 for Nintendo Switch.

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