“Goblin Etsy” game Trash Goblin announced

Trash Goblin

Run your own shop and sift through garbage to find the most colorful knickknacks in newly announced crafting game Trash Goblin.

Trash Goblin will launch its Kickstarter page soon, and you can sign up to be notified when it does by clicking right here.

Trash Goblin is set to release at some point in 2024 for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Spilt Milk Studios, the award-winning indie studio, are delighted to introduce you to Trash Goblin, a cosy and moreish fantasy shopsim where you uncover, clean, upcycle and sell a vast variety of trinkets – both invaluable and unlovable – to a diverse cast of fascinating customers across a colourful fantasy city.

Think Potionomics meets PowerWash Simulator, with a unique protagonist! Today we’re excitedly announcing the game, while launching the official website, as well as the Steam page and pushing the kickstarter “Coming Soon” page live… all topped off with an exclusive announcement trailer.

In this (very) cosy Shop Sim you play as an orphaned Goblin unearthing, cleaning and upcycling rare and valuable trinkets to sell to a bewildering variety of customers from all walks of life – all to save up enough money to realise your dreams of becoming an adventuring archaeologist!

Described by one excited fan as “Goblin Etsy: The Videogame” and by an industry insider as having “Blizzard-quality graphics”, Trash Goblin focuses on incredibly satisfying and tactile pottering gameplay married to visuals that make you want to take a little nibble of everything you touch, with a soundscape that engrosses and envelops you as you leisurely serve your customers, cleaning trinkets, and making your snug little workshop even snugger!



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