Touhou Project adventure game Marisa of Liartop Mountain announced

Marisa of Liartop Mountain

Publisher Alliance Arts and co-developer UnknownX have announced Marisa of Liartop Mountain, a new adventure game set in Touhou Project.

Marisa of Liartop Mountain is currently in development for Windows PC (via Steam), and will launch sometime in 2024.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Advance or retreat, there lies a mountain of falsehood. In the depths of Marisa’s lies, the conclusion to the story will be decided by you.

Welcome to a mystic world of adventure, sewn together by a singular magical book. ‘Marisa of Liartop Mountain’ is an adventure role-playing game that progresses according to the player’s decision-making, in addition to the guidance of dice. You, the player, will play as Reimu and explore a mountain of books filled with mysteries and lies in search of the whereabouts of the missing Marisa.


Deep in the stacks, a book is discovered. Marisa, with the dusty book in her hands, has disappeared.

And the next morning, a new mountain suddenly appeared in Gensokyo Deep within the fire-breathing mountain, what is the fateful choice that looms over you?

Game System

  • Your choices change the whole story – Inspired by the famous game book, this game is filled with unimaginable freedom of choice.
    Each decision spins a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
  • Future of the battle entrusted to your wits and dice rolls – You may encounter with a monster, win, or lose – it depends on the dice rolls.
    You can enjoy both the feel of playing an analog game on a tabletop, and the high tempo and comfortable experience that only a digital game can offer.

Participating creators

  • Scenario – Hugo Hall
  • Music – RD-Sounds
  • Theme song sung by – Sarasa Toumi

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

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