Totally Spies returns this month with season 7 premiere

Totally Spies

The French animated series Totally Spies! is returning to TV this month, premiering in its home country of France on May 12. A US premiere is in the works.

Ironically, the show premiered in the United States in 2001 before it did in France in 2002. In this reversal of fortunes, it’s US fans who are being left waiting. The series continues to follow the same trio of girls, Sam, Clover, and Alex along with some new characters and an updated art style.

Totally Spies! eventually made it to Cartoon Network in 2003 where it enjoyed great success. The series was popular in America due in part to its anime-inspired art style, well-written plots, and for some it’s Deviant Art subject matter (if you know, you know).

Eventually the series ended in 2009 and was briefly brought back for a sixth season in 2013 before fading away once again. You can check out the trailer below.

Some fans are skeptical of the show’s staying power, despite its popularity; this is due to the involvement of Warner Bros. Discovery which has become notorious for scrapping projects for tax purposes.

Totally Spies! season 7 will premiere in France on May 12, an English premiere date has yet to be announced.



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